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Inside Interior Influencer Suszi's Inky-Hued Home

Navy hues, pale pinks and shutters to match. We take a look into Suszi's stunning home at her shutter transformation.

15th July 2021

Every now and then, you just come across an interior that leaves you speechless. Whether it's because of incredible detail that enhances a room, or the materials and textures used, there are just some homes that stay around in your mind a little longer. 

When we found Suszi's Instagram account (boasting an incredible fifty-two thousand followers!), it was the deep inky hues that captivated us. Navy blues and smoky greys adorn Suszi's stunning home alongside metallic brass touches that offer a hint of modern luxury. It's gorgeous, unique and a spectacular showcase of just how magnificent inky hues in an interior are.

We couldn't help but think our shutters would find themselves perfectly at home within Suszi's interior, and she agreed. It was time to replace the broken blinds in her living room with something much more suited, something that offered privacy and light control, and something that worked with Suszi's interior design and not against it.

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Clement Browne

Certified Hardwood Shutters


Paint and Paper Library

Plaster V Paint


West Elm

Martini Side Table


Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue Paint


It's where our colour range came in handy. One of the most exciting choices when it comes to designing the shutters is undoubtedly the colour. It's one of those elements that add personality and is routinely the piece of the puzzle that ties your shutters to your interior. We offer over 40 paints, made up of the most popular home colours and a few extras if you're feeling bold, but we can also colour match any of the paint in your home. After all, it's the little touches that make all the difference.

Suszi's living room is painted in Black Blue by Farrow and Ball (now sadly archived), and she knew instantly she wanted her shutters to match. We offered to use our colour matching service to achieve this, but it turned out that our very own hue, Formal Blue, ended up being the most perfect match. 

Antique brass hinges look delightful with this inky hue and also complemented Suszi's interior. She already had some brass accents dotted around the room, including the stunning Dwell chandelier which takes centre stage, so the hinges ended up being the perfect finishing touch.

Her other specifications included 76mm louvres (the optimum size for a larger window) and a clearview spilt, allowing her to adjust the louvres at the top of the shutter without altering the bottom ones (and vice versa). An excellent option for those who wish for even more light control.

The finish? Just spectacular. The colour and the details just work beautifully in this room, and even if we do say so ourselves, the shutters have produced a remarkable difference.

"They've completely transformed this space." Suszi writes, so we weren't surprised when she got in touch a year later, letting us know she was taking on a renovation project and knew our shutters would be the perfect finishing touch.

Project light-to-dark really got us excited. Saying goodbye to the inky hue on her wall for just one room, Suszi changed the wall colour in her living room to Plaster V by Paint and Paper Library. When it was time for our shutters to be incorporated, Suszi decided to go once more with Formal Blue for a stunning contrast that is just so exquisitely unique and creative, the perfect match, if you will. The interior was taken a step further by matching her chimney breast and cast iron radiators to the colour as well, bringing the entire space together magnificently.

We say it all the time, but shutters are so much more than just a window covering. They are an addition to your interior, a key piece in the overall finish. Suszi's home illustrates this perfectly. The before and after shots truly showcase the magnificent impact shutters can have. As Suszi says herself, "they've made such a difference!"

Find Suszi and her gorgeous home over on Instagram -

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