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Interiors Influencer Kerry's Shutter Transformation

A front room that needed a finishing touch and a nursery that needed effortless functionality. For Kerry, her shutters are so much more than just a window covering.

01st July 2021

Interiors influencer Kerry had already been undergoing an intensive renovation project in her home when we contacted her. She had only just finished designing and decorating her living room, and shutters were already woven into her plans, "we love everything about them — the cosiness, style, and the look of them from the street," Kerry writes.

Kerry started her Instagram back in 2015 as a place to document her journey of buying and renovating her home with her husband. Her interiors are beautifully classic, with a homely touch that makes her house feel so delightfully welcoming. The colours are soft, and the details just exquisite. It has that natural family home feel, and her Instagram audience just adore it, meaning it's truly no wonder there is now over thirty-seven thousand of them at the time of writing.

Interiors Influencer Kerry's Clement Browne Shutter Transformation

"We love everything about them — the cosiness, style, and the look of them from the street."

Kerry's bay window is a beautiful piece of architecture, and we always find shutters are the best options to enhance that. Five panels sit at the front of the house, with two around the side, which means that this room is flooded with gorgeous sunlight, but, like so many, it overlooks the street. For Kerry, our shutters provided her with a window covering that suited her home and an option that meant she could control the light and her privacy with ease.

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Kerry already has a magnificent eye for design, so when our Master of Product, Andrew, visited her home for her quotation appointment, together, they were able to design shutters that complimented the interior she had only just created. Everything in the room worked just delightfully together, the design well-thought-out and cohesive, and the shutters needed to work within that, becoming part of the interior and not feeling like an element that was a last-minute addition or a bit of an outsider, if you will.

However, it wasn't just the aesthetic design that Kerry needed to consider. She wanted to make sure she could still maximise and take advantage of all the gorgeous sunlight coming in, which, by carefully considering how the shutters would open and what direction, we were able to do for her.

We always say the devil is in the details, and Kerry agrees too, "Andrew gave me every option available," she writes, "and we scrutinised over each one, making sure we made the right decision." And with that, the choices were made.

Our Vivid White colour complimented her radiator and quartz cabinet tops just sublimely, and the brass hinges matched several of the brass accents already present in her lounge. It was these options that gave Kerry's interior design the cohesive feel she so desperately desired.

Interiors Influencer Kerry's Clement Browne Bay Window Shutter Transformation
Interiors Influencer Kerry's Clement Browne Nursery Shutter Transformation
Interiors Influencer Kerry's Clement Browne Shutter Transformation

It was these details she chose to keep when she decided to add shutters to her son's nursery. At this point, Kerry had shutters in several rooms of her home, so she truly knew the benefits of the light control they offer, which is just perfect for a nursery space or child's bedroom. But this time, a change was coming, "we decided to go a little different with these one's", Kerry says. 

That difference? The addition of our ever-popular centre tilt rod. It's a choice we've seen increasingly more over the last few years, as people desire more classic designs that elevate the room with their sophistication and that extra detail, which makes a remarkable difference. For Kerry's family, the central tilt rod compliments the room's panelling, bringing in the perfect finishing touch to her son's nursery.

Shutters are so much more than something that blocks out the light when you need them too, and Kerry's home showcases this just delightfully. Why? Because shutters become a part of it, complementing the interior instead of distracting from it. A lifelong option that works from both the outside and the in, shutters are that perfect finishing touch, but we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

"It's safe to say both of us are completely over the moon with the finished result!" Kerry finishes, "we genuinely could not be happier with the shutters."

Find Kerry and her beautiful home over on Instagram -

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