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Styling Notes: Calamine

Styling the prettiest pink from Farrow & Ball

10th August 2021

If you ask us, you can't go wrong with just a touch of pink somewhere in your home. It's a hue that has a reputation of being young and girly, but actually, it's a lovely shade that is wonderfully soft and calming. Plus, it introduces a joyful touch that uplifts any space. Our favourite? Farrow & Ball's Calamine.

It's delicate yet strong, soft yet bold with just enough of a sweet, sugary touch. It certainly isn't too bright or sickly but generously offers a hue that can be used across all four walls or as a gorgeous accent shade. As Farrow & Ball say themselves, "a light touch of grey prevents this subtle pink from being too sugary, giving it a much fresher finish". We couldn't agree more.

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

Photography: Farrow & Ball

Pretty In Pink

The remarkable beauty of using a more delicate pink on your walls or furniture is that if you're like us and also love decorating with pink as well, you can most certainly combine both. Due to Calamine's soothing nature, it ends up welcoming additional shades of pink, so certainly don't be afraid to layer them all together; the result is undoubtedly pretty. 

If you've chosen a half wall design - for example, pink panelling underneath a white wall, then bringing some of the pink onto the white is a wonderful way to tie everything together. The most straightforward way to do this is with some art or prints. We love Liberty's Unframed Flourish Archive Liberty Art Print for its' gorgeous detail and design that will complement any room. The Soho Home Flower Footstool is also such a delightful addition to your living room. It is unquestionably a worthwhile investment too due to its' versatile nature; use it for its' primary function, as additional seating or even as a side table. In kitchens, the Powder Pink Mixing Bowl is a welcome addition, and lastly, if you're looking for secondary storage, then the Lowdown Storage Locker in Blush from Mustard Made is just perfect. Pretty in pink? Certainly.

Soft Florals 

A pretty pink and florals? The most wonderful pairing. Collectively, they naturally create a rather lovely interior that feels fresh and inviting and undoubtedly pretty. Perfect for bedroom spaces, this styling is timeless and classic, but you can introduce some contemporary touches if you wish; the style is wonderfully versatile like that. 

Floral wallpaper is always just so lovely, whether you choose to use it on a feature wall or across all four, it introduces such pretty detail and colour to your home. The Cole & Son Botanicals Lilac Wallpaper is one of our favourites and is beautifully easy to style and dress up. The Potterie Petal Vase's from Birdie Fortescue are a gorgeous addition to a sideboard or bedside table. Pair with your most-adored blooms or the Wild at Heart Summer Wild Meadow bouquet for a gorgeous combination. We equally love the Dried Flower Resin Coaster. Pretty with such exquisite detail, this is just perfect for adding a subtle floral touch to your coffee table or desk.

Cole & Son Botanicals Lilac Wallpaper

Cole & Son

Botanicals Lilac Wallpaper


Birdie Fortescue Potterie Petal Vase

Birdie Fortescue

Potterie Petal Vase


Wild At Heart Summer Wild Meadow

Wild At Heart

Summer Wild Meadow


Bells & Whistles Make Dried Flower Resin Coaster

Bells & Whistles Make

Dried Flower Resin Coaster


Calming Blues 

Pink and blue is a classic pairing. The delicate nature of pink sits beautifully alongside the calming qualities of the blue. They are two lovely hues, and two classic one's at that, allowing you to elegantly design a stunningly timeless interior in your home. 

The Rose Uniacke Classic Sofa is the perfect navy hue that will bring something statement to the space, especially when paired with the Snug Sofa Footstool, both are beautifully inviting and offer a luxury touch that enhances your living room. For a lighter addition, the Righe Blue Potiche is a charming piece, as is the Paradise Peach and Patchouli Scented Candle. Plus, doesn't that scent just sound like a dream?

Rose Uniacke Classic Sofa

Rose Uniacke

Classic Sofa


Le Porcellane Righe Blue Potiche

Le Porcellane

Righe Blue Potiche


Snug Sofa The Footstool

Snug Sofa

The Footstool


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Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

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