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Styling Notes: Green Smoke

The fourth instalment in our series of styling iconic Farrow & Ball paint hues.

20th July 2021

2021 has most certainly introduced us to the remarkable power of green. It's a shade that was often seen in interiors anyway, especially those who eagerly sought a statement design, but the last seven months have truly revealed a new side to the hue. A side that embraces it in any interior space, whether light or dark, big or small. Just like a classic blue hue, it's rapidly become a staple, finding itself at home within many a palette.

This is exactly why Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke has become one of our most lusted after paint shades. Beautifully luscious, it's a hue that breathes new life into rooms, bringing with it a peaceful and serene atmosphere that instantly transforms an interior. It's cosy yet strong, statement yet tranquil. It's another gorgeous Farrow & Ball colour, which is why we absolutely had to feature it within our Styling classic Farrow & Ball hues series.

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

Photography: Farrow & Ball

Classic Red & Yellow

Green is such a versatile hue, so whether you choose to go packed in with gorgeous colour or a style a little more simplified, your interior will look stunning. If you're contemplating introducing a touch more colour to the palette, red and yellow enhance a deep green just delightfully. This combination is so exceptionally cosy, warming and makes for a welcoming cocooning space that sincerely feels like home. 

For another paint hue, we'd recommend Picture Gallery Red, also from Farrow and Ball. Its rich brown base is truly striking and if you've opted for Green Smoke on the walls, paint Picture Gallery Red on furniture or more minor details, especially if you don't wish for the space to feel overpowered. However, if you are seeking a bolder touch of colour, then the Shorty Locker Cabinet isn't just additional storage. The vivid mustard colour truly packs a punch and is just so delightfully eye-catching. Take it from us; this will look glorious in a corner of a Green Smoke room. For a living room, the Arundel 3-Seater Sofa is just as luxurious as it looks with the cotton velvet bringing such an inviting comforting fee. Naturally, no sofa is complete without cushions, and this one welcomes the addition of the Isabelle Scatter Cushion.

Farrow & Ball's Picture Gallery Red

Farrow & Ball

Picture Gallery Red


Soho Home Arundel 3-Seater Sofa

Soho Home

Arundel 3-Seater Sofa


Mustard Made

Shorty Locker Cabinet


Contemporary Rattan Style

For a pared-back aesthetic, rattan material is a beautifully natural yet striking choice. It's a lovely way to naturally bring a touch of lightness to the richness of the Green Smoke hue and creates a contemporary design that is just perfect for Summer. You can certainly start small if you wish. One or two rattan storage baskets dotted around is a delightful addition. Or introduce an accent chair, like the Modica Accent Armchair from MADE, in the corner of your bedroom. It is more than enough to set the scene.

For large furniture pieces, the Pavia Compact Highboard is the perfect storage solution for a hallway or home office. Pop a leafy plant nearby for a truly natural look and one that will beautifully enhance the darker undertones of Green Smoke. For bedrooms, the Rattan Bed Frame from John Lewis and Partners is a lovely choice. The matte black frame suits Green Smoke with such ease, and again, the rattan headboard adds a relaxed feel that brings something a little more light and airy to the room. Not looking to invest in to a whole bed? There's no need; MADE's Tapu Double Headboard will introduce the rattan touch effortlessly.

John Lewis & Partners Rattan Bed Frame

John Lewis & Partners

Rattan Bed Frame



The beauty of Green Smoke is that it welcome's a monochrome decor with such wonderful ease. The darkness of the green paint takes centre stage, and the monochrome surrounds allows it to do just that, all whilst adding detail and depth. Essential for lifting any room. Monochrome interiors can feel limiting at first, but it's only when you start to add in those pieces that you realise that there is so potential. You don't have to see if certain colours work together, you can simply continue to introduce different pieces until you're happy. It makes for a beautifully, striking interior and one that certainly doesn't tire easily.

There are just so many black and white pieces out there, the options and designs are truly limitless so the focus is on finding what complements your home's style. For a starting point though, the Alba Table Lamp will look beautiful on a console table or desk, bringing a soft glow that makes any room feel inviting. The Fleet Side Table is that piece that brings a touch of luxury into your home, and the Victoria Taper Candle Holder is essential atop any fireplace or dining table. We love the Large Zebra Vase for bringing a touch of joy into the room, and will undoubtably be the star of the show on any shelving.

Soho Home Alba Table Lamp

Soho Home

Alba Table Lamp


Quail Large Zebra Vase


Large Zebra Vase


Anthropologie Victoria Taper Candle Holder


Victoria Taper Candle Holder



Every Farrow & Ball hue eagerly welcomes to the addition of metallics. They effortlessly enhance the rich nature of the hue, bringing with them a gentle touch of luxury that turns every interior into something truly exceptional. As might be expected, Green Smoke is no expectation, and the silky, rich hue becomes truly magnificent when sitting alongside gold and brass details. 

If you're seeking a piece that is statement and classic, then the Conservatoire Golden Mirror will be a heart-stopping piece. The detail is rich and just so exquisitely beautiful and is undoubtedly a head-turner. The Britannia Classic Mono Sink Mixer is just the most wonderful addition to any bathroom or kitchen, again, it introduces a classic, timeless touch, one that will stay adored in your home for many years to come. The Old Factory Pendant is perfect for those designing an industrial feel, and the Classy Candle Holder again features charming detail that will catch the eye with ease. 

Industville Old Factory Pendant


Old Factory Pendant


Victorian Plumbing Britannia Classic Mono Sink Mixer

Victorian Plumbing

Britannia Classic Mono Sink Mixer


Maisons Du Monde Conservatoire Golden Mirror

Maisons Du Monde

Conservatoire Golden Mirror


Styling Notes: Green Smoke is the fourth instalment in our Styling Farrow & Ball paints series. If you wish, you can see the full edit and all of the products we'd recommend here.

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

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