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Styling Notes: Pavilion Gray

Effortless styling of one of Farrow & Ball's most versatile hues.

24th August 2021

You don't need us to illustrate just how popular grey has been in homes over the last few years. It's come to be a staple, a solid neutral in its own right that has become many people's first port of call when it comes to decorating their homes. For many, it's a wonderful base that can be effortlessly built upon, and that, for us, is the beauty of this hue.

Pavilion Gray from Farrow & Ball is a lovely grey hue and undoubtedly one of the best on the market. With subtle blue undertones, the shade is elegantly contemporary, calming with gorgeous depth. It's unbelievably effortless to style too, just about anything goes, but if you're seeking a starting point, allow us to gently assist you. Here's how we're styling this classic Farrow & Ball Hue. 

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

Photography: Farrow & Ball

Introduce Some Colour:

A grey hue makes for an ideal base for a whole host of other tones. The beauty is any shade works. Grey suits them all, so don't be afraid to experiment with your colour palette and style. There truly are limitless options, and grey grants you the power to freely design however you wish.

You know us; we just love a touch of pink. Soft, feminine and joyful, it's a lovely hue that uplifts any space. For a statement addition, we adore the Truffle Sofa in Vintage Pink Clever Velvet. Luxurious and delightfully cosy, it's the most terrific addition to your living space. Accessorise and introduce further comfort with the Plain Velvet Cushion Cover in Gainsborough Blue from Oka for a little bit of a contrast. The Graffity White Ornament is ideal for something a little different and would look incredible as a pop of colour on a fireplace or coffee table. Maintaining our love of pink is the Luer Pink Glass & Gold Lantern which is just the perfect accessory to occupy a vacant corner. 

Colours of the Year:

Grey and yellow has habitually been a classic pairing, so much so that Pantone named Ultimate grey and Illuminating Yellow as their colour of the year for 2021. The yellow hue is beautifully uplifting and naturally brings much-needed brightness and joy to the grey shade. They naturally make for a simple pairing as well, as in, if you don't wish to expand the colour palette further, you absolutely don't have to. The yellow and grey combination works beautifully on its own.

The Nalla Velvet Armchair in Ochre is just the most wonderful option if you're looking for an armchair. It undoubtedly brings a touch of luxury to any space, whilst also being divinely inviting and comforting. Yellow can certainly feel intimidating at first, so we'd always recommend starting small. The Sketchbook Planter paired with the Faux Gingko Branch is a lovely touch that adds that uplifting and joyful colour without overwhelming the space if you don't wish for that. The Ada Wall and Ceiling Lamp is a lovely choice for something a little different that still includes some colour. If you wish to keep the design and palette minimal, this could be a wonderful option that would contribute to that effortlessly.

The Rustic Approach:

The remarkable beauty of a rustic touch in your interior is how homely and comforting it is. It's classic too, providing your home with a timeless appeal with plenty of character. Focus on natural materials and weathered details. This is a golden opportunity for a touch of DIY if you so desire, or instead, you can explore vintage markets and second-hand shops. A whole host of hues work within a rustic style, but grey particularly stands out, making it an ideal choice.

In a hallway space, the Carved Console table is a wonderful touch. Decorate with fresh flowers, photographs and candles for a truly comforting homely feel that sets the scene gracefully. The Large Grey Candlestick will look lovely atop it, as would the Large Rattan Morning Tray in which you could house some pretty trinkets and decor items. The Key Largo Rattan Large Coffee Table is one of our favourites; it's a stunning addition to your living room, instantly introducing that rustic touch but also doubling up as a wonderful storage solution.

Susie Watson Design Carved Console Table

Susie Watson Design

Carved Console Table


Aurora Home England Large Grey Candlestick

Aurora Home England

Large Grey Candlestick


Maine Furniture Co. Key Largo Rattan Large Coffee Table

Maine Furniture Co.

Key Largo Rattan Large Coffee Table


Aurora Home Large Rattan Morning Tray

Aurora Home

Large Rattan Morning Tray


Looking for even more inspiration? You can shop our full edit here, or if you're like us and just adore Farrow & Ball paints, you can see more of our Styling Notes here

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

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