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Styling Notes: Railings

Dramatic, statement and elegant. This Farrow & Ball hue is most definitely one to consider for your home.

17th August 2021

Dark paint hues can certainly feel intimidating if you haven't dared use them in your home before, but the love is just everything we adore. Statement, unquestionably sublime and even cosy, a dark interior is truly captivating and a magnificent addition to any interior design.

Enter, Farrow & Ball's Railings. Described as a soft black with blue undertones, it's a paint hue that undoubtedly creates a showstopping space. It's dramatic but surprisingly effortless to style. Whether you choose to go for a more monochrome approach (which is truly striking) or something a little bit more colourful - take it from us; colours sing against this backdrop; you can guarantee your interior will feel beautifully cosy and rich. Here's how we are styling it.

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

Photography: Farrow & Ball

Style it Dark

If the dark paint isn't enough, then it's certainly a wonderful idea to continue to style the rest of your interior dark as well. This can assist in intensifying the intimate and comforting atmosphere and aids the space in feeling even more dramatic than at present. This style additionally provides the perfect starting point for a monochrome interior, a particularly striking and timeless style.

In a bathroom, kitchen or even hallway, we have always adored Victorian-style tiles for added character and detail. The Annie Decor Ceramic Tiles are such a lovely choice with a stunning pattern that will just look wonderful in whatever space you include them in, especially alongside Railings. If you wish to keep things dark but with that added touch of colour, then the Floral Fantasia Medium Jacquard Cushion from House of Hackney is just gorgeous. If you have some space on your shelves, then the Bronze Effect Rabbit Bookends are lovely for displaying your favourite literature. We all know a candle is essential in every room of the home, and we absolutely adore the matte black packaging of the Diptyque Baies Three-Wick Candle; it's simply sublime. 

Rockett St George Bronze Effect Rabbit Bookends

Rockett St George

Bronze Effect Rabbit Bookends


Boutique Stone Annie Decor Ceramic Tiles

Boutique Stone

Annie Decor Ceramic Tiles


A touch of pink

When using a colour so dark, it can be lovely and uplifting to pair it with a much more delicate shade to bring down the intensity. Pink is a wonderful hue for this. Bringing with it a sweet touch, it provides a delightful pairing with Railings that still features the striking and dramatic nature of the darker paint. The pairing is classic, timeless, graceful and maybe even unexpected. If you're struggling with building the perfect palette, this is a combination we'd heartily recommend as an excellent starting point.

A pink sofa is a beautiful statement, and the MADE Scott 4 Seater Sofa is one of our favourites. Exquisitely designed, this will bring both a stunning and luxurious touch to your living space. If you're perhaps not looking to invest in a new sofa, but nevertheless want that gorgeous luxurious touch, then the Bethan Gray Feather Collection Dining Chair is also a truly lovely option, with a scalloped design that effortlessly brings something extraordinary to your home. In the mood for a full renovation? The Ianthe Mono Wallpaper in Ointment will look stunning alongside Railings, as does Sulking Room Pink Paint, also by Farrow & Ball. If you ask us, they are the perfect pair.

the luxurious finish

We always say that the rich nature of Farrow & Ball paints eagerly welcome a metallic touch. The pairing is so divinely elegant and comes with a luxurious feeling that truly brings something exceptional to your interior. Regardless of the colour palette and style, a metallic finish is always welcomed and if you ask us, is the most perfect final touch.

If you're seeking a true showstopper, then the Pooky Four Tiered Starsky Chandelier is the most sublime, elegant choice. Its classic design will capture any eye and enhance any room with such remarkable ease. The Urban Round Wall Mirror is a lovely choice for any room, with the metallic frame introducing that luxurious finish, but certainly not overwhelming it. Lighting is a magnificent way to bring in the metallic touch; it makes something fundamental truly become part of the overall look, and the Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Globe Pendant is beautiful for this. We know how much difference those finish touches of decor can make, and we love the Sanwi Standing Star for that perfect finishing touch.

Looking for even more inspiration? You can shop our full edit here, or if you're like us and just adore Farrow & Ball paints, you can see more of our Styling Notes here

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

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