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Styling Notes: Red Earth

Warm and cosy, this is a shade you'll want in your home all year round.

03rd August 2021

Warm, undoubtedly cosy and for most people, something a little bit different, Farrow & Ball's Red Earth is a spectacular shade. It's a rich blend of red and yellow pigments, efficiently creating a natural earthy feel that is exquisitely timeless. It's a hue that carries rustic charm as well, making it an ideal choice for any home, old or new. 

Styling terracotta hues are surprisingly effortless. The shade is so rich it benefits tremendously from an uncomplicated design surrounding it. Keep the colour palettes minimal for the best effect, and as Farrow & Ball recommend themselves, keep it to more intimate rooms to truly make an impact. We wouldn't blame you for naturally wanting to use it everywhere, though; it's a beautiful shade and one that responds extraordinarily to the changes in the light throughout the day. Introducing Styling Notes: Red Earth. 

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

Photography: JeweledInteriors

Cool Whites

Red Earth is a particularly rich shade, which means that it welcomes contrast. You could, of course, go darker by pairing with a matte black, for example, but we just love how to looks alongside crisp, cool whites. It brightens up the room magnificently and creates an undeniable fresh feeling that livens up any space.

A white ceiling or even just white skirting boards will create that defining contrast, but you can take it one step further with your furniture or decor items. A terracotta hue looks gorgeous alongside terrazzo creating such a stunning pair that provides that contrast and equally remarkable detail that enhances any space. The Hexagon Stone Effect Wall Clock is a lovely addition to a kitchen or office space and brings a contemporary touch as well. The Terracotta Face Table Lamp is ideal for added personality (and a pleasant glow), and the Neptune Hickstead Horse is something a little more classic. The little details count as well, such as this Speckle Mug, showing you don't need to undergo a full interior renovation to bring something new into your home. 

Global Explorer Terracotta Face Table Lamp

Global Explorer

Terracotta Face Table Lamp


The Conran Shop Speckle Mug

The Conran Shop

Speckle Mug


Neptune Hickstead Horse


Hickstead Horse


Natural Materials

A red, terracotta hue looks lovely alongside a warm wood. Together, the room becomes cosy, inviting and full of remarkable detail that elevates the space splendidly. We personally adore a rattan look for this. It's lightweight, meaning that it works elegantly against the rich nature of the red paint and offers a natural look that looks beautiful all year round.

To introduce a statement piece of furniture, we'd recommend the Buisseau Oak/Cane Bed from La Redoute. It's is a beautiful piece and dressed in a crisp white, or other warm hues creates a truly cosy space. In a vacant corner, the Sydney Cane Armchair is a welcome addition, and for those working from home, the Palma Teak/Woven Rattan Console Desk may just be the perfect solution. No space is complete without lighting, naturally, and the Anthropologie Lyla Flat Lampshade offers you something a little different and is the perfect accompanist to a Red Earth room.

Le Redoute Busseau Cane/Oak Bed

La Redoute

Buisseau Oak/Cane Bed


Soho Home Sydney Cane Armchair

Soho Home

Sydney Cane Armchair


Anthropologie Lyla Flat Lampshade


Lyla Flat Lampshade


Warm Reds

Can't get enough of terracotta? Neither can we. Accessorising with red hues may seem a bit much at first, but you'll be surprised at how delightful the finished result is. Doing this is equally perfect if you haven't taken the Red Earth paint across all four walls. If you've merely used it as an accent shade or on a piece of furniture, then this is perfect for continuing to introduce the warm and cosy hue into your home. 

Comfort is key, always, and there are so many wonderful cushions out there. We love Neptune's Florence Cushion in Isla Fox for it's cosiness and we adore the half and half design of the Textured Cotton Cushion Cover from The Conran Shop. Decor items are wonderful for introducing your personality to your home and also bringing detail, and the Donna Terracotta Sculpture is beautifully statement and timeless. The perfect accessory for your fireplace or shelving. Finally, lighting doesn't just have to be functional, the Unfold Pendant Lamp will bring a touch of wonderful, complimentary colour too. 

Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp


Unfold Pendant Lamp


Anna and Rosaria Corcione Donna Terracotta Sculpture

Anna and Rosaria Corcione

Donna Terracotta Sculpture


Styling Notes: Red Earth is part of our Styling Farrow & Ball paints series. If you wish, you can see the full edit and all of the products we'd recommend here.

Styling Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke

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