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Styling Shelves

Shelves can quickly appear cluttered and busy, but our tips will help you thoughtfully design beautiful, eye-catching displays that complement your home.

22nd July 2021

Styling shelves is a delightful way to introduce your style to your interior. They're ideal for including a personalised touch, and they can complement your interiors approach by bringing depth and detail, essential for any house to feel like a home.

However, we're certainly not underestimating that it can be a little tricky to start with. Standing in front of empty shelves and a blank canvas can certainly feel overwhelming. The possibilities are endless, yet one of the most valuable tips is to play around with styles, decor and layers until you're sufficiently satisfied with the result but a few tips will encourage you to get started and unleash your creativity. 

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The Perfect Starting Point

This is the perfect opportunity to display your most loved novels or go ahead and purchase some coffee table books that inspire you. We've all been advised to never judge a book by its' cover, but in this case, we wouldn't blame you if you did. There are many beautiful book and magazine designs to be found, it's just a case of carefully selecting those that highlight your style and reflect your personality.  

It's easy to come undone and overwhelmed when placing smaller, decorative items, so starting with books and/or magazines can help achieve the perfect base. Group three of four together on one side, and then move on to work with the opposing side on the next shelf down as working diagonally helps effortlessly with spacing. Remember, when starting, none of the options you choose has to be final, this merely gives you more of an idea of the space, and it's a great first step to build upon. 

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choose the decor items you love

It's effortless to say you dearly love all the decor items that you may have chosen for your shelves, but we know that in many cases, less is more. Unless your interior is maximalist in nature, instantly filling all available shelf space with contrasting items distracts from everything else in your home and swiftly becomes an eyesore. 

Instead, take the time to consider all the decor items you own. What remain the items you cherish? What do you genuinely want to display? Don't be afraid to swap things out as and when interest and styles change, but we certainly recommend keeping it minimal at first. You can also always introduce more items later, but you'll never tire of the one's that you cherish and adore, which makes them a significant addition to the space. 

take advantage of layers

Whenever you look at pictures of shelving, there's usually a variety of heights and layers. Not only does this keep things visually interesting, but it can also help to balance your shelving as well. Having decor and pieces individually on show isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it works in many spaces, but layering is delightfully creative and allows you to truly highlight those individual items that you genuinely want to showcase. 

A small vase atop of a book, a set of jars together, a trinket dish upon of a glossy magazine, jumpers stacked in the corner. Layering is a lovely way to dress up shelves and allows for even more items to feature if that's what you desire. 

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The finishing touches

We all know the finishing touches are what brings the look together magnificently. Once your books and decor items are in place, you may find you still have some room to fill or that your shelving even now looks a little bare. Plants and flowers are perfect for this. Greenery is always a welcome addition in any area of your home, especially shelving, and not only brings a touch of vibrant colour to the space, but also a breath of fresh air and energy. Photos are a wonderful option that truly introduces that personal touch to your interior as does artwork. And, of course, no shelving would be complete without a candle or two.

Styling shelves is a delightfully creative task and truly allows you to play around and experiment with design, colour palettes and more. The beauty of it is nothing is permanent; you can swap things out as and when and refresh whenever you feel it requires it. After all, something as simple as amending the layout on the shelves can make a remarkable difference to the whole of your interior, so it's perfect for anything is feeling a little tired.

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