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Styling Wallpaper

With beautiful designs and stunning colour, wallpaper is a wonderful addition to any home. Here's where to start with styling it.

27th May 2021

AThere is something so exquisitely striking about a wallpaper design. Offering beautiful pattern and lovely colour, using wallpaper in your home is lovely to bring in texture and depth that transforms your home magnificently.

Styling it, however, can feel a little tricky at first. The boldness of a design or the brightness of a colour palette can make it difficult to know where to start. However, the remarkable beauty of wallpaper is that it commands the room, so you can choose to let it steal the show entirely or blend it in amongst the interior surrounding it.

Photography: Morris & Co.

Start by considering the placement

Wallpaper doesn’t just have to go across all four walls. It’s the most obvious choice and one that truly shows off the design, but it’s unquestionably worth considering some other options too.

If the design is particularly statement, you can use it on an accent wall which helps the design not to overpower the room. Sometimes less is more, and this placement works perfectly if you believe that.

You can also apply wallpaper above panelling for a charmingly classic look, or you can be truly daring and take it onto the ceiling. Interior designers have been singing the praises of the fifth wall for a while now, and it certainly is a striking design that guests and visitors won’t forget anytime soon.

Photography: Morris & Co.

Choosing The Colour Palette

The most straightforward method of choosing your colour palette is to gather inspiration from the wallpaper itself. If it’s one that is bursting with distinctive colour, incorporate those shades throughout the rest of your home.

Take the Morris & Co. Pimpernel wallpaper (as seen above), for example. The blue flowers are the perfect starting point and are a colour that would look lovely brought in on an armchair or throw. This instantly adds cohesion to the room, and the design itself feels thought out and considered.

That certainly doesn’t have to be a limit though, if you wish for an interior bursting with colour, don’t let us stop you from bringing it in. A maximalist interior style will most certainly welcome additional hues with open arms.

When accessorising, start small

As with any interior project, we’d always recommend starting small. Sometimes, we want to rush it. We desperately want to get the final result, but it sometimes means that it doesn’t always end up exactly how we wanted it, or it can feel overcrowded.

There’s beauty in taking the time with a renovation. There’s time to evaluate each and every piece - is it going to work with the existing interior? How does it look sitting alongside everything else?

With wallpaper, you are potentially starting with something already busy, so start small when bringing in your additional pieces. It’s something that crowds or clashes easily, so take the time and make sure each piece is something you adore and truly deserves a place in your home.

Photography: Pinterest

Make sure to consider the whole design

Sounds obvious, maybe, but it is certainly worth taking the time to consider just how the wallpaper is going to work in the room. Is it the main feature, or does it blend in? What is the feeling in the room? If you would like a dramatic design, then that will help you when picking the surrounding features. If you wish for the design to be minimalistic, then that will naturally become your focus.

You don’t always have to have a plan, but to avoid going off-track, focusing and reminding yourself of what it is you’re working towards can help tremendously when designing.

Don't forget the finishing details

There are just some key pieces that help to finish off and enhance your new wallpaper design beautifully. A fresh bouquet sitting infront of a floral wallpaper, a mirror hanging in the middle of a decorated, accent wall, brass hooks against a neutral design. Those minor pieces truly make all the difference and make a house truly feel like a home.

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