Sophie Clovis

Ever since Sophie moved into her new home, she had dreamed of having shutters on the beautiful bay window in her living room.We were able to offer her a wide variety of different choices, so she was able to design a shutter that complimented her interior perfectly.

Sophie Clovis Shutters


Sophie choose Pristine White, clearview shutters, hidden hinges and 76mm louvres.

Choosing her Shutters

Sophie knew she wanted shutters for her bay window as she was looking for an option that provided her with extra privacy but wouldn't compromise on the natural light coming in. Her local Master of Product, Andy showed her that our café style shutters would be perfect for this. Typically covering only half of the window, café style shutters not only look beautifully sophisticated but also offered Sophie the solution she was seeking.

At Clement Browne, we offer you a wide range of style choices, so you are able to design the perfect shutter for you and your home. Sophie chose our Pristine White colour, hidden hinges (though she admits our range of choices tempted her!) and 63mm louvres. She also picked our Clearview option as she loved the clean and simple look it provided.

When all the design choices had been made, and Andy had taken full manufacturing measurements of her window, it was time for us to start the production process, ready for her installation.

Sophie Clovis Shutters
Sophie Clovis Shutters
Sophie Clovis Shutters

"I truly couldn’t be more thrilled with either the product or service. From the word go my experience with Clement Browne has been a total dream and I genuinely can’t recommend them enough."

- Sophie Clovis

The Installation

Installation day is always the most exciting part of the Clement Browne journey, and after enjoying the design process so much, Sophie simply could not wait to see her shutters. Andy returned to her home seven weeks later to fully install and give her the shutters she had been dreaming of.

The café style shutters suit Sophie's home beautifully, and we were honoured to provide her with the most perfect finishing touch that completes her living room.

 "It finally feels like we've done our lovely old house justice!"

Sophie Clovis Shutters

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