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Our Shutters

We manufacture our own shutters–we source the raw materials, manage the production line and control the quality, which is why Clement Browne can confidently claim to have a product and service that is unrivalled.

We manufacture three types of shutter, and they are the best of their kind; we do not compromise on quality, mix timbers or use inferior materials such as MDF, or a shutter made with a wooden frame and a PVC louvre.

With Clement Browne, you can feel confident in receiving the best quality shutter, in the correct material providing the right solution and expertly fitted into your home.

The best person to advise you on all options is your Master of Product.

We have all the options to deliver what is in your mind's eye and our Master of Product will be able to enhance your vision by drawing on their vast experience of measuring and fitting shutters.

Aside from design, they will also be thinking about the best fit and fixing; a thought process that is different from the hard sales approach that other companies use.

Be guided by some of the available options below and be ready to discuss these when your Master of Product visits.


Certified Hardwood

Lightweight. durable and strong hardwood suitable for staining or painting–ethically sourced from sustainable forests. 


Reinforced with an aluminium strengthening core, fully moisture resistant and available in a range of painted colours.


Designed and engineered to look like all other shutters in our range; a stylish security solution. 

Louvre Sizes

All louvre sizes have the option of central tilt rods, off-set tilt rods, clear-view or hidden tilt. We also offer a motorised solution.


Full height shutter with off-set tilt rods and midrail. 


Full height shutter with central tilt rods and midrail. 


Tier-on-tier shutter with clear-view. 


Full height shutter with central tilt rods and midrail. 


Full Height

Our most popular shutter. Combining the best control of light, shade and privacy. 


Two pairs of doors allow the top section to fold back whilst leaving the lower section in place.


Cafe Style

A good choice for rooms which require privacy over control of light and shade. 

Solid Panel

For those who want the appearance of a traditional shutter.

Hinge Colours

Stainless Steel

Antique Brass





Hidden Hinge


When it comes to colour your choice is limitless.  We can match to any colour way or paint brand to suit your home in our certified hardwood and PVC shutters. As a good starting point we will be able to show you a range of our popular painted colours and stains to get you inspired. 

Full Height

Tier-on-Tier Shutter

Solid Panel Shutters